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Information on treatment and surgery

V-line Facial Contouring Surgery

Botox or radio frequency (RT) treatment are often used to achieve a v-line that does not last. V-line facial contouring surgery fundamentally refines the facial line by sharpening or cutting parts of the chin, reducing the bone itself. Correction of the square jaw line and cortical resection surgery both fall under v-line facial contouring.

To proceed correcting a square jaw, surgical proficiency and accurate analysis of the bone, muscle and fat layer need to be determined. If the source of the problem is due to muscle development, a surgical method cutting the lower chin is most effective. Other surgical methods such as Genioplasty – ‘T excision surgery’ can be performed to amend a blunt chin, or if the overall size of the jaw needs to be reduced, mandibular and/or masseter resection can be performed to cut the cortical bone.

V-line Facial Contouring Surgery

Cortical Bone Resection

Cortical Bone Resection surgery cuts the exterior portion of the jaw bone. This reduces the bone thickness, surrounding muscles and facial width when view from the front.

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Mandibular Resection

Mandibular Resection surgery is the most basic form of V-line facial contouring surgery. It improves a square jaw line by creating a natural curve angle from below the ear, reducing the bone thickness. This method minimizes the damage on the muscles and nerves.

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T-Osteotomy ensures a natural result when performed on a wide and blunt front jaw. The front portion of the jaw is fractured in a T-shape and gathered to be refined.

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Cases that require V-line Facial Contouring Surgery :

  • Square jaw line
  • Prominently developed chin
  • Wide and large face that requires aesthetic improvement
  • Long face that requires aesthetic improvement
  • Facial asymmetry
  • When small and slim face is desired

Basic Surgery Information

  • Duration of Surgery: 1 hour
    Method of Anesthesia: general anesthesia
  • Period of hospitalization: 1 day
    Suture removal after 2 weeks
  • In-hospital treatment: 2-3 times
    Recovery period: 1 week

Post-operative edema, bleeding, inflammation and other side effects vary in each individual. Consult with the postoperative care staff at Zeah if there are concerns or discomfort

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  • Zeah Doctor’s Guide

    Dr. Young Ho Kang (Chairman)

Safe surgery is important but obtaining a symmetrical face shape and a natural look should not be compromised.

Facial contouring surgery for aesthetic purposes must be safe but also ensure facial symmetry and natural facial shape. The bone resection surgery must be skillfully performed the first time as insufficient experience can result in a reduced bone but an unnatural look. ZEAH dental hospital thoroughly diagnoses the thickness and condition of the bone to perform precise surgery in minimal time, delivering a safe procedure and satisfactory results.

Zeah’s Facial contouring surgery

Facial contouring surgery / Surgical proficiency ensuring natural and satisfactory results/ Pursuit of a perfect operation through consistent consultation / Precision surgery through advanced diagnostic equipment + simulation

  • Safety first! Safe operation management system

    Zeah Dental Hospital offers surgical methods most appropriate to the patient’s condition, using accurate diagnostic examinations. Zeah’s medical team can offer simple to complex surgical methods to provide you with the most satisfactory results.
  • Surgical proficiency ensuring natural and satisfactory results

    Through the collaboration of oral and maxillofacial, cosmetic, orthodontic, prosthetic specialists and anesthetists, Zeah Dental Hospital ensures high level of satisfaction in both aesthetic and functional aspects.
  • Pursuit of a perfect operation through consistent consultation

    Zeah’s medical team have been handling consultations and surgical procedures with no accidents for more than 15 years! Our specialists on oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, cosmetic surgery and anesthesiology are all graduates of Seoul National university and they aim to provide an ideal treatment planning and surgical process.
  • Precision surgery through advanced diagnostic equipment + simulation

    Zeah Dental Hospital does not allow a millimeter of error by using advanced diagnostic equipment to locate the nerve lines and determine jaw thickness. Our comprehensive examinations ensure a safe surgical procedure.