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Information on treatment and surgery

Cheek Bone Reduction Surgery

Cheek bone reduction surgery aims to improve a rough and masculine image projected through protruding cheek bones. Precise excision and relocation is key in creating a soft and three-dimensional contour line. Reduction through grinding has shown limitations in aesthetics, creating unnatural contour lines, hence the surgical method of fracturing the cheekbones and relocating is preferred.

As each patient’s cheekbone structure and thickness is different, it is critical to carry out a comprehensive examination for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. This will also ensure minimal chances of side effects such as saggy cheeks once the bones are fixated, creating a small, soft and natural line around the cheekbones from all angles. At Zeah Dental Hospital, proficient surgeons can offer various surgical methods, tailored to each patient, to ensure satisfactory aesthetic improvements.

수술설명 사진

Fracturing of cheekbone in L-form

Removal of fractured cheekbone portion

Fracturing the zygomatic arch

수술설명 사진

Relocation of fractured cheekbone

Fixation using fastening device

Result after Surgery

Soo Wan Lee (Actor) ZEAH Dental Hospital Facial Contouring Surgery patient

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Cases that require cheek bone reduction surgery:

  • Masculine facial impression due to prominent cheekbones
  • Large facial appearance due to prominent cheekbones
  • Shadowing under the cheek due to prominent cheekbones
  • Cheekbones are structurally bumpy
  • Cheekbones are structurally uneven

3D Cheekbone Reduction at ZEAH Dental Clinic

  • Delicate trimming and fixating two points of the bone to minimise the gaps in between the bones.
  • Perfectly timed bone fracturing and relocation of the zygomatic arch to avoid the cheekbones sliding down.
  • Minimising incisions on the soft tissues to preserve existing structure.
  • A neat and efficient surgical process to avoid sliding of fatty tissue during the operation.
  • Muscle repositioning by suturing the periosteum towards the temporal region.

Basic Surgery Information

  • Duration of Surgery: 1 hour
    Method of Anesthesia: general anesthesia
  • No Period of hospitalization
    Suture removal after 1 week
  • In-hospital treatment: 2-3 times
    Recovery period: 1 week

Post-operative edema, bleeding, inflammation and other side effects vary in each individual. Consult with the postoperative care staff at Zeah if there are concerns or discomfort.

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  • Zeah Doctor’s Guide

    Dr. Young Ho Kang (Chairman)

Cheekbone reduction surgery is a complex surgical procedure that requires extensive knowledge and skills to avoid side effects.

There are constant new surgical methods to reduce prominent cheekbones. These methods however, may not be suitable for everyone, hence it is important to carefully choose the most appropriate surgical method according to the diagnosis. A well-experienced medical team with sufficient knowledge in facial anatomy is critical in providing a satisfactory result in one surgery, especially for cheekbone reduction surgery, as sliding of the cheeks are a common side effect.

Zeah’s Facial contouring surgery

Facial contouring surgery / Surgical proficiency ensuring natural and satisfactory results/ Pursuit of a perfect operation through consistent consultation / Precision surgery through advanced diagnostic equipment + simulation

  • Safety first! Safe operation management system

    Zeah Dental Hospital offers surgical methods most appropriate to the patient’s condition, using accurate diagnostic examinations. Zeah’s medical team can offer simple to complex surgical methods to provide you with the most satisfactory results.
  • Surgical proficiency ensuring natural and satisfactory results

    Through the collaboration of oral and maxillofacial, cosmetic, orthodontic, prosthetic specialists and anesthetists, Zeah Dental Hospital ensures high level of satisfaction in both aesthetic and functional aspects.
  • Pursuit of a perfect operation through consistent consultation

    Zeah’s medical team have been handling consultations and surgical procedures with no accidents for more than 15 years! Our specialists on oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, cosmetic surgery and anesthesiology are all graduates of Seoul National university and they aim to provide an ideal treatment planning and surgical process.
  • Precision surgery through advanced diagnostic equipment + simulation

    Zeah Dental Hospital does not allow a millimeter of error by using advanced diagnostic equipment to locate the nerve lines and determine jaw thickness. Our comprehensive examinations ensure a safe surgical procedure.