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Safe tooth extraction and treatment based on accurate diagnosis and extensive clinical experience, Zeah Dental Hospital Wisdom Tooth Treatment

Information on treatment and surgery

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Most people have 4 wisdom teeth; upper right and left, lower right and left. It is common for wisdom teeth to partially erupt or not erupt at all. If problematic, it is best that wisdom teeth are extracted as it can cause chronic inflammation or cavity on the adjacent teeth. Main reason for this is the inadequate brushing in the wisdom teeth area. Wisdom tooth extraction fall under the domain of oral surgery and requires comprehensive examination with the addition of x-ray imaging and scaling to minimise inflammation after the procedure. Hence it is important to be safely treated by a doctor with extensive clinical experience.

The level of difficulty in the extraction procedures can vary depending on the condition of the patient. There are wisdom teeth that are easily extracted, but when the tooth is hidden underneath in the form of simple impaction, partial impaction or full impaction, surgery must be done. Antibiotics can also be taken prior treatment to ensure minimal inflammation. After the extraction the gums are stitched and threads are removed after a week. Wisdom teeth extraction can be carried out with conscious sedation for those who are concerned with pain.

Cases that require Wisdom Tooth Extraction:

  • Patients that have food stuck easily at wisdom tooth
  • Patients with pain due to wisdom tooth decay
  • Those with frequent swelling and bleeding of the gums
  • Those with repeated pain of the gums and front teeth
  • Patients with unpleasant taste or smell inside the mouth
  • Those with pus coming from the teeth and/or gums
  • Patients with loose teeth due to gum disease

Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Treatment and Surgery Information

  • Duration of Treatment/Surgery: About 30 Minutes
    Method of Anesthesia: Local/General Anaesthesia
  • Period of hospitalization: None
    Suture Removal after 1 week
  • In-hospital treatment: 1-2 times in total
    Recovery period: About 1 week

Post-operative edema, bleeding, inflammation and other side effects vary in each individual. Consult with the postoperative care staff at Zeah if there are concerns or discomfort.

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  • Zeah Doctor’s Guide

    Dr. Hyung Kyu Kim (Director)

ZEAH’s oral and maxillofacial surgeon with extensive clinical experience performs the extraction procedure.

Wisdom teeth can appear in different shapes and sizes, and erupt at different levels. Depending on the appearance of the wisdom teeth, the extraction can be easy or very complex, hence the need for a doctor with extensive surgical experience. At Zeah Dental Hospital, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon with years of experience carries out the extraction procedure with hospital grade equipment.

Zeah Wisdom tooth treatment

ZEAH’s Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  • Accurate diagnosis using 3D CT imaging.

    It is important to accurately locate and examine the condition of the impacted wisdom tooth for safe treatment. Zeah Dental Hospital precisely diagnoses the condition of the wisdom teeth using CT imaging.
  • Immediate booking and extraction procedure.

    Some people prefer to get surgical extraction at a university hospital as it is a difficult procedure. However, some hospitals have a long waiting list that can be more than a month, depending on the hospital. At Zeah Dental Hospital, immediate bookings and extraction procedures are available.
  • Oral and Maxillofacial specialists with extensive clinical experience.

    Zeah’s oral and maxillofacial specialists have dealt with more than 2000 cases of wisdom teeth extractions. All cases, including the most challenging, have been performed safely.
  • Painless extraction using conscious sedation.

    Patients who are afraid of wisdom tooth extraction and those that are sensitive to pain can use conscious sedation to complete the extraction procedure comfortably.