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Functional improvement such as malocclusion and aesthetic improvement sought simultaneously , Long Face Surgery

Information on treatment and surgery

Long Face Correction Surgery

‘Long face’ refers to the unusually long vertical dimension of the face compared to its horizontal width. It is an aesthetic concern that results from a long and protruding chin portion, and in the case where it is accompanied by bimaxillary protrusion or facial asymmetry, correction is necessary.

There are different surgical methods available to correct a long face, depending on the accompanying functional problems. Simple chin protrusion and long jaw can be easily corrected through cutting the tip of the chin. However, this method can result in an unbalanced jaw line. Long face, accompanied by other conditions like malocclusion, facial asymmetry and bimaxillary protrusion, a two-jaw orthognathic surgery is required. A part of the upper and lower jaw is fractured then adjusted accordingly. If aesthetics is not improved sufficiently with orthognathic surgery, facial contouring surgery may be required additionally.

Long Face Correction Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is required if both the upper and lower jaw are long. Adjustment of only the chin portion to correct a long face, may result in an unnatural facial balance.


Fracturing of the upper and lower jaw

Additional genioplasty if required

Adjustment of fractured upper
and lower jaw

Fastening of the bone

Genioplasty (Sandwich Technique)

Genioplasty is applied if only the lower jaw is long. The lower jaw (chin portion) is fractured horizontally into sections. The centre piece is removed and the tip piece is fastened on to the major jaw portion. This method is suitable for patients with short chin or protruding chin.

턱끝 절제술

Characteristics that may require long face correction surgery:

  • The lower jaw is over-developed or the upper jaw is under-developed
  • Long facial profile due to excessive length of chin
  • Lower teeth protruding in front of the upper teeth (Underbite)
  • Large and wide lower jaw
  • Protruding chin that is aesthetically displeasing

긴얼굴 전후사진
  • Before
  • After(after 3 months)
긴얼굴 전후사진
  • Before
  • After(after 3 months)

Basic Surgery Information

  • Duration of Surgery: 2-3 hours
    Method of Anesthesia: general anesthesia
  • Period of hospitalization: 2-3 days
    Suture Removal after 2 weeks
  • In-hospital treatment: 4-5 times
    Recovery period: 2 weeks

Post-operative edema, bleeding, inflammation and other side effects vary in each individual. Consult with the postoperative care staff at Zeah if there are concerns or discomfort.

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  • Zeah Doctor’s Guide

    Dr. Young Ho Kang (Chairman)

Detailed surgical planning through the collaboration of oral and maxillofacial and orthodontic specialists.

To correct a long face, the method of surgery should be chosen after the consideration of the ideal facial proportion. If the facial profile is long due to excessive length of the lower jaw, it may be aesthetically improved through simply surgery. However, if there are other accompanying functional problems, orthognathic surgery may be required to correct the problem. The purpose of orthognathic surgery is not for aesthetics but to correct functional problems that may accompany a long facial profile. Due to the complexity of the correction process, there must be a detailed and sophisticated surgical plan, formulated between oral and maxillofacial and orthodontics specialists.

ZEAH Two-jaw Surgery

Safety + safety, sufficient consultation with the operating surgeon/ co-consultation with specialists, simultaneous improvement on aesthetic issues + functional problems/ systematic diagnosis + detailed plan, accurate and precise operation

  • Safety first! Safe operation management system

    Zeah Dental Hospital is equipped with experts and advanced UPS technology that enables uninterrupted surgical procedures during emergency situations. Each operating room consists of defibrillators and emergency kits, along with state-of-the-art monitoring systems that reviews the patient in real time.
  • Specialist collaboration, perfecting the improvements to aesthetic and functional issues

    Zeah Dental Hospital consist of various specialists that collaborate to deliver results. Their expertise in oral and maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic surgery, orthodontics, prosthetics and anaesthetics ensures to improve both aesthetic and functional issues.
  • Sufficient consultation directly with the operating surgeon + reliable surgery

    Dr. Young Ho Kang is a highly experienced orthognathic surgeon that has no records of failure or accident in any of the 4000 surgeries he has performed over the last 15 years. He personally consults each patient to tailor the surgical procedures to deliver the highest level of satisfaction in a functional and aesthetic aspect.
  • Systematic diagnosis, detailed treatment planning and precise operation

    Zeah Dental Hospital deliberately carries out a comprehensive examination
    prior to surgery for safety purposes and to ensure accurate results.
    The examinations include blood and disease tests plus CT and cephalon x-rays. Preliminary simulation of the surgical procedure is done, comparing the actual face and ideal facial shape based on the dental model and pictures of the oral cavity to maximize desired results.