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Various methods for a nice smile with white and clean teeth, Zeah Dental Hospital Teeth Whitening

Information on treatment and surgery

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening restores the colour of the teeth which may have been lost due to generic reason, disease, coffee, and excessive smoking. Discoloured teeth require professional whitening treatments to ensure proper whitening effect unlike the minimal effects of whitening toothpaste, toothbrushing or scaling alone. There are different types of whitening treatments; professional whitening treatment and self-whitening, which uses the oxidation of hydrogen peroxide as a whitening agent at different concentrations. The whitening agent is used alongside laser to maximise the whitening effect.

Types of Teeth Whitening:

  • In-Chair Whitening: A high-concentration of whitening agent along with a laser treatment
  • Home Kit: A safe, low-concentration of whitening agent used at home
  • Rapid Whitening: A high-concentration of whitening agent, spread over the surface for a long period
  • Whitening of devitalized tooth: A whitening agent is inserted inside the discoloured tooth that has nerve damage from an external factor
  • Whitening of the gums: Pigmentation of the gum is improved through laser and other methods

Cases that require teeth whitening:

  • Patients with teeth that are yellow or dark due to discolouration
  • Patients with pigmented teeth due to frequent consumption of coffee or green tea
  • Those with dark discolouration due to external injury
  • Patients with teeth that have discoloured due to excessive smoking
  • Those with naturally darker teeth
  • Those in need of quick aesthetic correction for marriage, job interview or events

Tooth whitening treatment practices


Treatment and Surgery Information

  • Duration of Treatment/Surgery: 1 Day
    Method of Anesthesia: None
  • Period of hospitalization: None
    Removal of Sutures: None
  • In-hospital treatment: 1 Day
    Recovery period: None

Post-operative edema, bleeding, inflammation and other side effects vary in each individual. Consult with the postoperative care staff at Zeah if there are concerns or discomfort.

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  • Zeah Doctor’s Guide

    Dr. Dong Kyu Lee (Director)

Extensive clinical experience is required for each whitening methods.

There is a great number of the population that are regular smokers and consumers of coffee/green tea, which increases the level of discolouration on teeth. Although there are whitening products in the market, such as a whitening toothpaste, the effects prove to be inadequate. This may be due to the source of discolouration on teeth. For the patient to receive the most appropriate whitening treatment, the clinician requires extensive clinical experience to guarantee the effects of whitening. Any sharp pain or wounds on the gums needs to be treated prior to starting a whitening treatment and thorough maintenance of oral hygiene is critical afterwards. It is also important not to consume food with colouring or staining qualities.

ZEAH Dentoplasty

ZEAH’s Dentoplasty

1만건 이상의 풍부한 시술경험을 통한 맞춤 시술 / 환자 눈높이에서 편안하고 충분한 설명 / 첨단 장비를 이용한 정밀한 진단과 협진을 통한 철저한 계획 / 책임진료, 철저한 사후관리

  • Zeah’s medical team with thousands of accumulated experiences

    Zeah Dental Hospital has over thousands of clinical experiences to guarantee results that met the patient’s aesthetic requirements.
  • Easy to understand treatment outline and explanation

    A thorough explanation of patient’s condition and diagnosis are provided to ensure patients are offered the most appropriate treatment plan and the risks involved in simple, easy to understand terms.
  • Accurate diagnosis and specialist treatment planning using 3D CT imaging

    By using the interpretation of 3D CT imaging, specialists can plan for the most appropriate and safe treatment possible based on the diagnosis, whether it be a simple procedure or oral and facial surgery.
  • A thorough and responsible postoperative management

    Zeah’s team of specialists take each treatment, simple or complex, seriously and work hard to ensure the patient’s needs are satisfied.